Godzilla Gets Second Crunchyroll Loves Collection

Just in time for his latest Hollywood outing, Godzilla is getting new merchandise from Crunchyroll.

Since his debut in 1954, the King of the Monsters has remained one of popular culture’s most iconic characters. Naturally, Godzilla is quite the lucrative brand when it comes to media and merchandise. In his home country, a theme park attraction and museum dedicated to all things Godzilla opened. Although there isn’t anything like that available in North America, there are still plenty of things to enjoy. Last summer, Crunchyroll Loves debuted an exclusive lineup of Godzilla streetwear. Now, a new collection is available for pre-order.

Crunhyroll Loves has debuted its new line of Godzilla merchandise. Like last year, there are different shirts and hoodies available. There is also a compendium featuring the many different IDW Godzilla comic book covers. Across 80 pages, you can expect a satisfying purchase if you enjoy Godzilla artwork. However, probably the most notable thing of the collection is the new Medicom Toy Godzilla figure, which is available in three different colors. Check out the Crunchyroll Loves Lineup below. You can pre-order these items here.

The Godzilla Crunchyroll Loves lineup is only available for pre-order until March 8. After the date, the collection won’t be available anymore. So, keep that in mind if you have an interest. The Godzilla Medicom figure in particular with its unique pose looks to make a nice desk piece.

Source: Crunchyroll

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