Blood-C: The Last Dark Review

blood-c the last dark

Blood-C was one of the more notable anime of the last 10 years. It followed the adventures of Saya Kisaragi, an extremely gifted swordswoman tasked with defeating creatures called Elder Bairns. Things were not what they seemed, however. The plot twist in the final couple of episodes was unexpected, and put a much darker spin on the whole story. CLAMP was involved in the production of the show, including offering its signature character designs. All together, Blood-C is essential viewing for anime fans.

Blood-C: The Last Dark serves as the sequel and conclusion to the show. The anime’s ending perfectly set up the movie, so fans were very excited to see how it would come to a close. The Last Dark takes Saya to Tokyo on a quest to get vengeance on Fumito Nanahara. Along the way, she joins a group of hackers who also have something against Fumito. With such a notable anime, it was expected that the movie would effectively conclude the saga. Blood-C: The Last Dark features solid animation (aside from the CGI sequences) and some good plot elements, but as a sequel to the anime, it falls short.

To follow up on such a well-done anime is no easy feat, but it’s been done. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is a perfect sequel to the acclaimed The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It combined all the elements that made the show engaging, and turned it into a production. That doesn’t quite happen in Blood-C: The Last Dark.

A good chunk of the story is focused on the hacker group Saya runs into. Now, there’s nothing wrong with new characters – if they’re interesting. Most of Shun’s lines are cringe-worthy. Mana is given the biggest focus because she tries to befriend Saya. I’m mixed on this. Mana wanting to befriend Saya happens way too quickly; there wasn’t much time to deepen the bond she felt for her. Still, the heart-to-heart the two have about Mana’s father was touching. The leader of the hackers is Kuroto. He was the most interesting of the new characters, but the plot twist kinda ruined that. A wasted opportunity was the twist of who Saya killed early on in the movie. That would have been great to explore, since it’s connected with one of the new characters.

The most disappointing thing is that the story doesn’t feel like a satisfying conclusion. First, there is no confrontation between Saya and Yūka. Yūka did appear in the movie, but had a much smaller role than hoped. It was a wasted opportunity to not have Saya run into her. Still, this wouldn’t be as bad if the conflict between Saya and Fumito was better.

Fumito was a great character in Blood-C, an antagonist who might have been on par with Makishima from Psycho-Pass. In the movie, his goals in the end were lackluster. To give some credit, he was great for most of the film. But, the resolution between him and Saya just wasn’t that interesting. We also don’t get enough insight into his island experiment. Honestly, it felt like the writing put too much of a focus on the status quo of Tokyo, instead of giving Saya’s conflict with Fumito a fine conclusion.

Surprisingly, there is less action than anticipated. This is a bit disappointing, because there were so many monsters in the anime. But, the action scenes that are present are almost always exciting. The fight in the school was very intense and well choreographed, and the chase near the intro served as a good way to start the movie.

I’ve been harsh on the movie, but it’s not terrible or anything resembling bad. There are a number of engaging moments, and Saya is an interesting protagonist as always. The soundtrack is also solid.

blood-c the last dark screen

Overall, Blood-C: The Last Dark is a disappointing conclusion to a very good anime. There are things to like of course, such as the action and Saya’s character arc. But, the movie puts too much of an emphasis on Tokyo and the hacker group. The final conflict between Saya and Fumito leaves quite a bit to be desired. It’s a pretty decent movie, but could have been better.




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