TOKYO GHOUL Season One Review

Two of the shortest anime I've ever seen are Puelle Magica Madoka  and Serial Experiments Lain. Ironically, those are also two of the best anime I've seen. They're only about 12 episodes each, but unlike shows with over a 100 episodes, there's no filler and no episodes to stretch for time. Each episode gets right... Continue Reading →

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Stranger than Fan Fiction” Review

After a few months hiatus, My Little Pony returns for its second half of Season 6. By now there's no need to discuss things generally speaking. If you've been following my reviews, then you know I consider Season 6 to be the weakest season so far. This doesn't equate to bad of course, because the... Continue Reading →


The concept for THE PURGE has definitely been an interesting one to watch unfold. The films introduced the idea of a futuristic America where killing has become legal for a day in order to "release anger." It's a startling what if scenario as that very first film attempted to inform the viewers while not totally explaining... Continue Reading →

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