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I often pride myself as being a hardcore Godzilla fan. I’ve seen (and own) all the films, have a wide array of collectables, and know the history behind the franchise. My nickname would even be “Godzilla” sometimes. Somehow however there are things I’m still discovering. Recently after all these years I managed to acquire a copy of Godzilla vs. Barkley. I’ve known about this crazy crossover, but never actually read it until recently. It was definitely a strange way to advertise Nike sneakers, and one has to wonder how TOHO allowed a basketball player to openly mock the Big G.


The comic we’ll be looking at today however is another one from Dark Horse, known as GODZILLA VS. HERO ZERO. Like Barkley, I’ve known about this comic for years but never bothered buying it. Out of the blue Midtown Comics acquired the issue so naturally I took this as a sign and attached it to this week’s comic order. Why don’t we take a look at the official description?

It’s a monster-size megabattle of butt-kicking, rampaging, thermonuclear proportions! The size-changing superhero Hero Zero heads down to San Diego in his alter ego as young David MacRae. He’s looking for monster deals at the biggest comic-book event of the year, the San Diego Comic Convention, but what he winds up with is a monster of a different color, that atomic fire-breathing lizard lovingly referred to as Godzilla! Hero Zero learns a hard lesson, San Diego takes a pounding, and Godzilla shows why he’s King of the Monsters.

There’s a few interesting observations on the onset. As you can tell, this a blatant tie-in to the San Diego Comic-Con. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that of course. The cover (which is a nice piece by veteran Arthur Adams) boasts that “It’s a must-have, double-bag item when the two biggest characters in comics crash the San Diego Comic-Con.” Hero Zero even at the time wasn’t close to being “a big character.” Nowadays, even the most hardcore of comic fans have to pause to think about who this guy is. He apparently only had two comics to himself. Over-hype aside, how about the core story? The thing is that Hero Zero is one of the most unlikable characters I’ve ever read. The story has him early on literally say “Nyaaa” to a couple of onlookers. I wish I was joking.


One can see why Hero Zero never hit it off with the masses. Why would I want to read a story centered around on that? At least the design isn’t bad. The Comic-Con setting is pretty cool, and I couldn’t help but get a chuckle when David’s dad looked at the “Meet Adam West the TV Batman” sign with interest. Naturally the comic amps up from its mediocrity when Godzilla shows up. I’m pretty sure this is in Dark Horse’s Godzilla continuity since the sailors recognized him. Though there’s one completely random guy at the Con that after hearing the announcement G was coming says, “Godzilla? Ohh…scaaar-eee!” Honestly, that’s probably the worst written dialogue I’ve ever read in a comic.


The actual battle between the two characters is pretty good, which is thanks to the solid art by Tatsuya Ishida. The comic with Hero Zero’s immature jokes and Comic-Con setting gives the story a rather light feel, which is why the death of David’s friend near the end felt so out of place. It was there to make Zero stop feeling overconfident but it still felt out of sync with the rather chipper story. It’s also apparently used to make David decide not to be Hero Zero anymore by the end. (Which is Dark Horse’s not so subtle way of cancelling such a failure of a character.
Overall, Godzilla vs. Hero Zero has never been known as anything special, and it certainly isn’t. It in theory might be the closest thing resembling Godzilla vs. Ultraman, but Zero is so unlikable one has to wonder if writer Michael Eury regretted writing the character. How TOHO  allowed such a crossover is tough to say, since the company seems against the type for the most part. At the very least it’s definitely a novelty.



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  1. I dunno Destroyer, seems like more of a 7/10 if you ask me. The dialogue may have been a little iffy, but the fights were hype and Godzilla showed that he’s more than just a big monster. He’s the King B)

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