Devotional: The Maze

Pac-man maze

I think everyone has played PAC-MAN at least at some point. Many have fond memories going into the arcade and popping in those quarters for a chance to beat the high score. The idea of this game as many of us know is that you have this maze. Inside it there are all these little dots and the goal is to have Pac-Man chomp until there are no more dots left.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a game unless you’re able to lose at it.

There are these ghosts which appear and chase Pac-Man all throughout the maze. In order to stop them and gain more points, there are these big dots known as “Power Pellets.” When Pac eats one, he gains the ability to chomp the ghost and acquire more points. The game never gets old and could be the very definition of a timeless thing.

Lately I can’t help but see just how much the concept of PAC-MAN applies to everyday life.

Life can often seem like a maze. Maybe not so much as a kid, but as one starts to enter high school, college, and becomes an adult, the feeling of running around aimlessly can appear. We often try to “find the right path” and end up zig-zagging through obstacles but end up arriving back at the start.

When I started college I didn’t know which degree I would ultimately be pursuing. I thought maybe English, or Journalism. Eventually everything pointed to Communications. Even with this choice, I still from time-to-time feel like I’m in a maze. I don’t know where I’m going with it, and what lies at the end.

But He does.

When we play PAC-MAN, we see the whole maze. Pac himself only sees what’s in front of him. But we, the players, see where he should go, and we direct him. Likewise in the real world, God sees the overall maze. We only see what’s in front of us. He wants to direct us to the right path. In fact, to Him there is no maze. There’s only one straight path. When we try to do our own thing, try to accelerate something when we shouldn’t, we deviate from that path and find ourselves back in the maze.

Not too long ago I was approached for a job in marketing. Part of me was thrilled, because maybe this was finally my “breakthrough” and I could move on from my part time job at the register. But another part of me was suspicious because the way it was presented didn’t seem right. Before arriving at the building for the interview, I found out information which told me this wasn’t part of the path God had for me. If I would have went down that road, I would have deviated off the path God had for me.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.” ~Proverbs 3:6.

This is a well known verse, and one we need to put more into practice. If you commit everything you do onto God, that maze you feel like you’re in will turn into a straight path. This doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing, because there will often be obstacles. Then like Pac-Man, we need Power Pellets. A child of God has the ultimate Power Pellet at the ready: the Holy Spirit. What are some other Power Pellets we can use? The two primary ones are prayer and reading the Scriptures. A prayer can be, “God, I would like this obstacle to be removed, but I know you will give me the strength to get through it.” Having verses locked into your head is also one of the most invaluable things a person can have.

We ultimately don’t know with certainty what God has planned for us individually. What we do know is that His plan is to make us more like Jesus, which should be enough to propel us. We don’t see the goal, only He does, and He will direct us to it if we simply trust in Him and commit ourselves.

Only then can we escape the maze.

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  1. Life can definitely be like a labrynth of traps where one wrong move can haunt you for years. Take the job for instance, if it had ended up being the wrong move, but you had chosen it, leaving the place would have been tricky and you also could have lost your other job position in the process. It’s good that you ultimately did not make a mistake here and when in doubt, always pray. It’s a tried and true formula that never has and never will steer you wrong.


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