I remember the immense hype at Comic-Con 2013 when they first showed the Batman/Superman logo. The only thing that could match it was the unveiling of the Age of Ultron, but even then BVS completely overtook the film world. The two characters are some of the oldest in comics and two of the greatest heroes... Continue Reading →

An Easter Devotional

  I was at a church in Manhattan last year on Easter. The reason why I bring this up is because the pastor made a statement I found interesting. He believed that the greatest symbol in Christianity wasn't the Cross, but the Empty Tomb. As Easter begins, I can't help but think about why the... Continue Reading →

Pokkén Tournament Review

Pokkén is a concept I've always wanted to see in the Pokemon series. The games are famous for their turn based gameplay which has endured over 30 years since Red came out, but it's always great to see different takes on a series. Zelda jumped into the beat 'em up genre with Hyrule Warriors recently... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Nintendo’s Core Gaming

I've been a fan of Nintendo for about 15 years now. I've seen the way they they've changed their games from era to era, console to console. It's also interesting to see the things that have not changed. The company is still the king of unique first party titles. They deliver bright, colorful, fantastical stories... Continue Reading →


It's amazing to think that it's been eight years since Cloverfield. If the Blair Witch Project was the film that popularized the found footage genre, Cloverfield is the one which perfected it. The best thing about it was that it put the viewer directly in the action. It felt like we were there experiencing an... Continue Reading →

Devotional: The Maze

I think everyone has played PAC-MAN at least at some point. Many have fond memories going into the arcade and popping in those quarters for a chance to beat the high score. The idea of this game as many of us know is that you have this maze. Inside it there are all these little... Continue Reading →


BEYOND TWO: SOULS is a peculiar game. There have been very few of what is called "interactive dramas." HEAVY RAIN is the other major one in recent times, but also there's been Telltale's THE WALKING DEAD Seasons. Those games offer many different paths based on the decisions the player makes. For the most part, that... Continue Reading →

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